My Quarterly Favorites | Fall 2017

Friday, December 1

It's crazy how fast 2017 flew by, I can't believe its December and the holidays are right around the corner! Fall was an interesting season for me because I discovered the importance of buying less stuff. I'm still working on getting rid of useless stuff in my home but I do want to shine a spotlight on the items I loved during fall.


My first and only fashion favorite is an accessory, earrings! Throughout the season Dan and I were super busy during this season so we only had a few days to hang out. On those special days, my time was very limited so I had to get ready REALLY fast. Want to know the trick to getting ready in a few minutes? Shower, slap on a dress, put your hair up, apply a quick coat of lipstick, and wear your favorite statement earrings. That's my secret. I wore a lot of different statement earrings during the fall, but BaubleBar's SugarFix earrings were my favorite. I found myself constantly wearing them because they instantly added oomph to my outfits.


Unlike the previous category, this one was really hard to break down. Last season I tried so many new beauty products so I decided to only feature the items I was OBSESSED WITH, not the ones I "liked".

The first item is from Burberry. The kind PR team gave me a beautiful package with so many high-end items. I loved everything in the package but gravitated towards one item, the gorgeous rose gold highlighter. This highlighter is different because it has beautiful lace detailing on the powder and added a natural finish to my makeup look. The only downside to this product is the price point and the fact that basically ruining the beautiful lace detail every time you use it.

The second item on my beauty list is from an all-time favorite, Tarte. If you know me or read my blog often you would know how much I love Tarte. I enjoy using all Tarte products but when they came out with their Just Peachy palette I was obsessed! It quickly became a favorite and I predict it will stay a favorite for a long time.


Last but not least, lifestyle favorites! Again, this category is really small because I didn't buy anything new but I did have a chance to try out Sudio Tre's beautiful earphones.  I fell in love with Sudio Tre's earphones because the sound quality is amazing and they're perfect for my workout routine and cleaning the house.

So tell me, what's on your fall favorites list? I would love to read about them in the comments below!! :)

- B.Stylish

The Ultimate Beauty Gift Guide

Wednesday, November 22

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales right around the corner, you have the perfect opportunity to get every gift for everyone on your list! In this gift guide, you'll find price points for every category, under $100,  $50 and $25.


How to know if She's a Beauty Lover: You'll know if she's a beauty lover if she knows all the latest products, follow multiple beauty gurus on social media and watch endless makeup tutorials on Instagram. I decided to make this section the biggest because I'm a huge fan of all things beauty and wanted to include some of my favorites! Stay tuned for part 2 where I talk about the best gifts for the Electronic Enthusiast.

UNDER $100
1. Tartelette™ Vault • Tarte$100
I'm a huge fan of everything Tarte so I had to include something from them on this list. This gift set is every beauty lover's dream because it has ALL THREE Tartelette palettes in a huge fantasy box (click here to read my Tartelette In Bloom review).

2. SinglePass™ Compact Iron • T3 • $90
If she like to travel and manages to keep her hair looking good 24/7 then this gift is practically made for her! Its one of the best travel flatirons on the market and looks super cute with rose gold details.

3. ChloĆ© Eau de Parfum Gift Set • ChloĆ© • $80
I'm obsessed with this fragrance set because I love the feminine scent. I included this on this list because it looks amazing on any makeup vanity and lasts forever! I got mine over two years ago and I'm still trying to make a dent in it (check out my review of the classic Chloe perfume scent, here!)

1. Best Year Ever Makeup Collection • Too Faced$49
This collection caught my eye because it comes with 3 palettes, has Too Faced famous Better Than Sex mascara, and a cute makeup bag. It's like the ultimate gift set.

2. Sugar Lip Prep 'n' Paint • FRESH • $38
FRESH lip products are huge among the beauty community so this gift is a no-brainer! I also wrote a review on the Sugar Rose Sheer Lip Tint, click the link to read my thoughts!

3. Lip Colour Contour • BURBERRY • $31
I received this item in a PR package and instantly fell in love with the formula. It glides on effortlessly and this shade looks good on everyone! If she loves lip products then this one is for her.

1. Detox Dry Shampoo & On the Rocks Kit • DRYBAR$25
The Dry Bar has so many products and this gift set is currently on my list for someone year. I added it to my list because it's a great value and their products are amazing.

2. Hydrated Coils • Sephora Collection • $24
This is another hair product but it's different because it's made for all my curly haired girls out there. The set includes products from some of my favorites, like DevacurlBriogeo, and many more. I love using all these products and highly suggest getting this kit because the curly hair struggle is real. Most products cost an arm and a leg so this gift set is an amazing deal!

3. Righteous 3-in-1 Shower Buttercream • Soap & Glory$14
Everyone loves a convenient gift and this product is just that. Soap & Glory does a great job of creating moisturizing products and this one is a 3-in-1. It's perfect for keeping skin moisturized during the winter months.

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- B.Stylish

Miracle Moisture for Dry Skin?? | Soap & Glory Cream Review

Friday, November 17

Winter is coming and one thing I always struggle with during the colder months is dry skin. Typically, I have oily/combination skin but during winter my skin likes to have a mind of its own by turning into a dry/combination skin type. Dry, cracked skin isn't cute so I like to test products during November and decide which ones I like prior to the harsh winter months.


ONLINE OVERVIEW: Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture - 1.69oz: "Astonishingly silky-light yet amazingly potent, the fabulous, fast-absorbing Soap & Glory Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture is a full-throttle attack on dry skin. Loaded with a souped-up mix of oxygenators, a super-hydrating watermelon extract, a wrinkle-smoothing marine plant and elasticity-promoting raspberry stem cells, this formula instantly plumps up moisture from within, smoothes fine lines & wrinkles, energizes & refreshes skin and locks in moisture for 24hrs. It will have you plumping for joy!"

Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse - 1.35 oz: "Want gorgeous skin quick? Soap & Glory's Super-Hydrating SPEED PLUMP Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse is a super-light yet astonishingly potent night cream, with a uniquely bubbly mousse-like texture."
SCENT: When I received this product from Soap and Glory I was happy to discover how amazing this line smells! They say the sent comes from watermelon extract and sweet orange oil but I swear it smells like the most heavenly scent you'll ever experience. It's not overpowering, but there's just enough fragrance to know its there. And to answer your question, no, it's not the "classic" soap and glory scent.

PACKAGING: As you might have already noticed from the pictures, overview, and title I'm reviewing two products and both of the items come in completely different packing. The first product, the Speed Plump All-Day Super Moisture, comes in a decently sized tube with a screw on top. The packaging makes it easy to use because you can basically store it anywhere. I like to put it in my purse, medicine cabinet, or slip into a travel bag. Personally, I prefer this type of packaging because it's not messy and feels hygienic compared to its little buddy, the Speed Plump Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse (side note: apparently, the products are best friends and I gave them genders, lol).
This type of packaging isn't out of the ordinary because brands typically put overnight creams in jars. However, I'm super weird about hands (don't ask why) so I slightly cringe every time I have to dip into the container. I mean... guess I could use a spatula/spoon to scoop out the night cream but that sounds a bit extra so I'll stick to my hands.

WHERE TO BUY: Ever since I was a teen, I've been a huge fan of Soap and Glory products but one thing I always struggled with was trying to find them in the States. You see, they're originally from the UK so wayyyy back then in a dark era called 2011 only a few products were shipped to US Sephora and Ulta stores. I still have vivid memories of staying up late to buy products on eBay auctions. But luckily, A LOT has changed!! Nowadays, you can find Soap and Glory products at Target, Walgreens, and many other places.