Tuesday, May 28

Berry Personal #3: What Inspired Me to Start Blogging

Hey Sunshine...

Smile it looks beautiful on you!

Photo drawn by this beauty: http://kimpertinence.tumblr.com/

Turning a Negative Situation into a Positive one

A few months ago I was going through a hard time in my life because I recently ended a negative relationship, almost became homeless, and started losing a lot of my really close friends. Naturally I became depressed about the situations that were going on and I was put in and started to feel useless in the world. I was unsure how to get rid of this feeling until one day while I was on twitter I clicked on a trending topic promoting new bloggers which lead me to a whole new world full of fashion, beauty, and most importantly advice! Sure material things aren't the key to happiness but these bloggers were
honestly passionate about the work that they did and expressed themselves so openly to the world without worrying about other peoples opinion. This is what inspired to be more open with my love of fashion and ignore how my parents said people in the fashion world were materialistic. After making this decision I instantly became happier with  with myself enjoying all the new blog and YouTubers I discovered.

Most people in my life really put me down for my love for  DIY, style, and beauty products saying that I should be normal and do the things that others do, but I found this new community that focused on building people up and telling them to embrace what they loved! So naturally I became addicted to this new world. 

Moving Forward with my Dream

After becoming inspired by so many blogs and positive young women I started debating if I should start blogging myself and sharing what I loved and after chickening out a few times I finally had enough courage to make my own blog calling it Berry Stylish. 

I'll never regret the decision because its my little place where I can share my opinions, advice, and creativity and be honest about everything with you guys! These past few months I've been through a lot but I wouldn't change it for the world because now I found a place where I can truly be myself and be 100% open with what I love doing, even if it's reviewing products and being a shopaholic :) 

Currently I still have to move out (gladly I managed to push it back a few months) and I'm trying to get into college but I'm not going to give up on my dream and you shouldn't either, whatever it might be :) 

Sending lots of love...

P.S. If you are going through a hard time just message me anytime you like ♥ 


  1. Great post! I'm Glad you started blogging =)

  2. Really inspirational post, nice to see someone doing something positive with their life. I wish you the best :)

  3. It's really good to hear the you feel better now. I think the world of blogging can give you so much positivity and you never feel alone :).
    Thanks for your lovely words on my blog, I really appreciate it :).


  4. No problem! I really look forward to reading more of hour blog post in the future :)

    -B ♡

  5. You are so sweet. I appreciate very much your attitude. Your blog is super, keep rocking and accept back ten fold all the love you are sharing! big hug Coco

  6. p.s. following you via gfc, bloglovin and fb (private id valeria arizzi). love

  7. Thank you! I'm just glad that I'm doing something I love :)

  8. Thanks for sending you links :) I liked your fb page since I was already following your beautiful blog!

  9. Aw, I'm glad that blogging has given you an outlet to be yourself! Keep smiling!


  10. Thanks for the kind words! :)
    -B ♡


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