Thursday, June 12

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Farther's Day coming up real soon guys. One thing I learn from Father's Day is it so hard to find a gift  for my Dad! So, today I thought give y’all some suggestions on what kind of gift would best suit your Dad.  


If your Dad loves sport then find out his favorite team! Any guy would be happy to have a gift from favorite team.  Even better if he plays any kind sports like if he love golf get him something golf related!


Is your Dad the type of guy who's obsessed with the latest electronic? If he is then you can always buy him the newest tech gadget. But if you don't want to spend a fortune on one present you can always buy him a desk organizer for his electronics. That way he will never misplace anything again!


Tools, tools, and more tools!! When you have a Dad who always likes to fix things he can never have too many tools. So the perfect gift for this type of Dad would be getting him a new tool. This type of present would be like new toy for him!


Does your Dad like to collect things? What does he collect? If he collects anything this will be easy for you! You can always go to a local antique store or find something online. He would love be able add something new to his collection!

I Don’t Have Any Clue What To Get

Well this one is me when it comes to finding my Dad a gift (lol). When it comes to not knowing what to get him its best to just make him something homemade!  Most of the time a parent is happy (or even ecstatic!) to get something homemade from their family. You can also make his favorite meal or dessert. That is what I planning to do for my dad, make his favorite cake! Or if all else fails, you can always treat him to his favorite restaurant and spend some quality time together.

Photo credit.All picture recreations and sets were created by +Lacey B  


  1. Great idea doll awesome post.

  2. I think dads can be hard to shop for but these are great ideas! I love the desk organizer for the electronics. :)

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  3. Great ideas! I'm just taking my dad & family out to eat as a treat :) He loves food.

  4. I'm sure your post will help a lot of us! Thanks Miss!



  5. Very fun and important post dear! My dad is a handyman so my option is tools, tools, tools haha
    Have a nice weekend :)

  6. Happy Father's day to you too!

  7. Really perfect gifts idea
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  8. Lovely father's day ^^


  9. Those are some excellent suggestions! Any dad would love all.

  10. Great ideas!


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