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Today's post is an exciting one because I'm talking all about a cool monthly lifestyle box called POPSUGAR Must-Have Box*. Every month this box is delivered to door your for $39.95 and you get full sized items that can value over $130. This month I was excited to receive the June box because it's my birthday month and the beginning of summer!

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As mentioned before, I was very excited to receive the box but after opening it I realized something was missing. I didn't receive the little card that tells you all about the products and although this might sound like a small thing go missing, it's not. Without that little card, I didn't know what the box theme was, the items I received, nor the retail prices for each item. At first, I thought they decided to exclude the papers because the box recently had a huge makeover (check out my previous post here to see how the boxes use to look like) but after talking to other bloggers and doing a little internet snooping I discovered that my box was the only one without an info card. Personally, I never experienced this, but have you ever received a subscription box without an info card? Was it a big deal to you or did you not notice until later? I didn't mind about the missing card but for the purpose of this review I had to search online for every item and that took a lot of time, haha.

Items Included in this Box:

Beauty: In this section, they included three items. The first item I adored, the second item was a little disappointing and the last item I was like "really?". Allow me to elaborate, since I didn't have that little paper everything was a total surprise. Some surprises were nice, like the underarm deodorant wipes because I live in a VERY humid/hot city (aka Hotlanta) and it's convenient to put in my purse. But some surprises were not very exciting, like the mirror. I'm sure every girl and her grandmother have a mirror in her purse so I'm unsure why they added it to the box. And as for the last item, the nail polish, I have no complaints because it's a cute polish and perfect for the 4th of July.

Fashion: Usually Popsugar adds one fashion and/or lifestyle item to their box and this month they decided to go with a cute little scarf. I love this sarong because you can wear it around your waist, on your hair to accessorize a cute updo, or as a bikini cover-up dress! It's so versatile and I love quality scarves.

Lifestyle: As mentioned before, they like to add some lifestyle/extra items their boxes so for the June 2016 box they included a healthy snack (non-GMO salted pretzel chips), an adorable bottle opener, and a card game. I loved the bottle opener because it was gold and something I can put on my future bar cart but I didn't like the other items in the other items in this section. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE card games and food but this one, in particular, didn't fit my personal taste.

OVERALL OPINION: I loved 3 out of 8 items so I would rate this box 2/5 stars. There's nothing wrong with this box, it just didn't fit my personal preference and sometimes I wish POPSUGAR should have a little quiz so they can send items that fit the customer's unique personality. I'm so grateful to work with amazing brands like this one and if asked to review another box I would do it again in a heartbeat but as a blogger, I feel like it's my job to tell you guys if something was a hit or miss and this box was a miss for me.

EDITED NOTE:  Just wanted to mention how I love the new box design, it's very modern and simplistic. 

xx B.Stylish

*Popsugar sent me this box for a blog post review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own. For more information check out my "contact" tab. #MustHaveBox #ad 

What's your likes + dislikes about subscription boxes?

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