Casually Comfy ft. The Happiness Boutique

Friday, August 19

Finding the happy medium between comfort and style can be difficult but there's one trick I swear by, adding a statement necklace and comfy sneakers. You see, a statement necklaces instantly add a "stylish factor" to your outfit and wearing cute sneakers give your outfit a comfortable laid-back look. The type of sneakers you decide to wear depends on your outfit but in today's look, I decided to go for Keds. Keds are perfect for skirts, shorts, and A-Line dresses because they're slim. Converse, Nike, and Adidas sneakers are perfect for joggers, skinny jeans, and cut-off shorts because they give off a sporty look.

Last week I wore a comfy outfit with an adorable necklace from the Happiness Boutique. I like this boutique because their online store is full of fashionable pieces for amazing prices. In this outfit, I'm wearing the Elegance and Charm Statement Necklace which features beautiful sea green stones and a ribbon tie.

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Hope you enjoyed this post, the Happiness Boutique gave me a special code to share with you guys. If you use the code berrystylishofficial upon checkout you'll receive 10% off all orders over $21. This code is valid until September 22nd so make sure you visit their online shop and social media links below!

xoxo B.Stylish

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*this post is not sponsored, necklace was provided by Happiness Boutique.
What's your favorite type of jewelry?

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