5 Unique Ways to Use Your Clarisonic Mia 2

Monday, October 31

I'm sure you all heard about the amazing Clarisonic Mia 2 but did you know thousands of people use their device the wrong way? Yes, most people don't know about the different ways they can use their Clarisonic but if you're one of those people you've come to the right place because today's post is all about new 5 ways to use your Clarisonic Mia 2!

#1  Clarisonic has specific products for common acne concerns.
Most people forget all about the skincare products Clarisonic carry because they're known for their unique scrub brushes but did you know they have an entire line for most common skin concerns? Yeah, me neither! So far I'm loving their blackhead line because I've always had issues with pesky blackheads even though my typical acne has vanished.

#2 There's an automatic timer built in.
This one was really cool because it prevents you from over using. After reading my manual (like a good little girl, because Lord knows I usually throw those little things away) I realized how you're suppose to scrub each section of your face for a certain amount of time. According to the trusty manual, you spend 10 seconds on each side of your face (the cheeks), 20 seconds on your forehead, and 20 more seconds on your chin + nose.

They built this timer because you only need to spend 1 minute on your entire face. Clarisonic did this to prevent you from over scrubbing because doing that could cause you to break out.

#3 You can pause it.
As previously mentioned, each device has a built-in timer, but what I didn't mention was how you can pause each cleaning cycle to rinse your brush or add more product.

#4 You should fill the entire "mini" head with your cleanser. 
Speaking of product, did you know you have to fill the entire mini brush to properly cleanse your face? Yeah, I didn't know about this one either. Previously, I only added a small amount but apparently that method was entirely wrong.

#5 You can remove the outer rim for a deeper clean
This one blew me away because I always wondered how to get to those hard to reach spots with the huge  Clarisonic brush head. Turns out I wasn't the only one who wondered this because Clarisonic made it super easy to remove the outer bush so you can use the smaller one to clean any small areas.

So tell me, which tip was your favorite? My favorite was the last one because I love removing all those pesky blackheads from my nose but I'm curious to read your thoughts in the comment section below!

P.S. Clarisonic has a special coupon code for 15% off! The code is HERCAMPUS and it is valid through November 20.

xoxo B.Stylish

*Clarisonic sent me this item for a blog post review. As always, all opinions are entirely my own.  #spon.

Which tip was your favorite?

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