My Quarterly Favorites | Fall 2017

Friday, December 1

It's crazy how fast 2017 flew by, I can't believe its December and the holidays are right around the corner! Fall was an interesting season for me because I discovered the importance of buying less stuff. I'm still working on getting rid of useless stuff in my home but I do want to shine a spotlight on the items I loved during fall.


My first and only fashion favorite is an accessory, earrings! Throughout the season Dan and I were super busy during this season so we only had a few days to hang out. On those special days, my time was very limited so I had to get ready REALLY fast. Want to know the trick to getting ready in a few minutes? Shower, slap on a dress, put your hair up, apply a quick coat of lipstick, and wear your favorite statement earrings. That's my secret. I wore a lot of different statement earrings during the fall, but BaubleBar's SugarFix earrings were my favorite. I found myself constantly wearing them because they instantly added oomph to my outfits.


Unlike the previous category, this one was really hard to break down. Last season I tried so many new beauty products so I decided to only feature the items I was OBSESSED WITH, not the ones I "liked".

The first item is from Burberry. The kind PR team gave me a beautiful package with so many high-end items. I loved everything in the package but gravitated towards one item, the gorgeous rose gold highlighter. This highlighter is different because it has beautiful lace detailing on the powder and added a natural finish to my makeup look. The only downside to this product is the price point and the fact that basically ruining the beautiful lace detail every time you use it.

The second item on my beauty list is from an all-time favorite, Tarte. If you know me or read my blog often you would know how much I love Tarte. I enjoy using all Tarte products but when they came out with their Just Peachy palette I was obsessed! It quickly became a favorite and I predict it will stay a favorite for a long time.


Last but not least, lifestyle favorites! Again, this category is really small because I didn't buy anything new but I did have a chance to try out Sudio Tre's beautiful earphones.  I fell in love with Sudio Tre's earphones because the sound quality is amazing and they're perfect for my workout routine and cleaning the house.

So tell me, what's on your fall favorites list? I would love to read about them in the comments below!! :)

- B.Stylish

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