Hi, I'm Sierra Berry!            

I currently live in the sweet southern state of Georgia. I love spending my weekdays going out for brunch with friends, reading new YA fictions or.. you guessed it shopping!

My love for fashion, DIY projects, food, beauty products, and learning life hacks started as a little kid because we didn't have a lot of money to just blow on the newest items. Instead of buying the lastest and greated I usually did a lot of reasearch and tried to find out white items were worth my money. By doing this I discovered the world of blogging/ vlogging early on. In this world I found lovely young ladies who expressed their unique creativity through their OOTD's, DIY projects, or new beauty looks. In 2012 I decided I no longer wanted to watch from the side lines, I wanted to join this wonderful community and express my unique likes/dislikes with the world, and created Berry Stylish! For more fun stuff about me or the blog check out the links I included below.

Random fact #1: I have a HUGE family which contains: 2 Parents that's been married for over 23 years, two older sisters who love the city and traveling, a younger sister who's currently attending college in California, a brother who's a self proclaimed nerd and obsessed with video games, and a adorable little sister who love playing tea party with me ♥

Random fact #2: My blog name was inspired by my love of berries and the fact that berry rhymes with like very. :) See what I did there, haha.

Random fact #3: I started a blog before this one that was entirely about this guy I had a crush on at church. I would spend hours dreaming of ways we would be together, wrote about him on this blog 24/7, stalked his Myspace page (yes, the infamous Myspace!), but never talked to him in person... Talk about creepy! Lol... But don't worry. Those embarrassing days are FARRR behind me.

                LAST BUT NOT LEAST, MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE... ISABELLA                
We adopted Bella three years ago when she was wondering around our neighborhood looking for a safe place to stay. Luckily, she found us and ever since she and I have been really close. She's always by my side and shes here right now, snuggled up under my chair in a cute little cocoon. <3

Dreamer • Lover • Believer

Let's Chat! When did you discover the blogging world?